The UK floods: EFRACOM on the Gvt’s new £130m funding

The Committee’s Managing Flood Risk Report recommendations included:

  • Defra must set out detailed evidence to demonstrate to HM Treasury that flood management capital funding must rise year on year by £20 million over the next 25 years to keep pace with increasing flood threat. This must be matched by a better balance between revenue and capital funding, whether from government or other sources.
  • We are deeply concerned at the decision to reduce funding for maintenance of flood defences and watercourses which could leave communities exposed to the threat of flooding despite having benefited from considerable capital investment in flood defences.
  • It is essential that adequate revenue funding is provided to enable the Environment Agency to conduct the necessary dredging and maintenance of watercourses so as to minimize flood risk to local communities.
  • Internal Drainage Boards which wish to undertake maintenance of local watercourses should be supported in doing so, including by enabling them to retain the funding they currently provide to the Environment Agency for these services.

Recent flooding correspondence includes a letter from Dan Rogerson MP (including a briefing from the Environment Agency) and a letter from Rt. Hon. Owen Paterson MP. The Committee has also written to the Prime Minister.


Committee Membership is as follows: Miss Anne McIntosh (Chair), Richard Drax, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mrs Mary Glindon, Mrs Emma Lewell-Buck, Iain McKenzie, Sheryll Murray, Neil Parish, Ms Margaret Ritchie, Mr Mark Spencer, Roger William

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