To cook one badger…

This recipe for badger was published in today’s Western Daily Press in a letter from Linda Piggott-Vijeh and comes from a French cookbook Les Cuisines Oubliees.

To cook one badger you’ll need…

1 badger

1 glass of pig’s blood

1 small glass of armagnac

1 ginger root

1 bottle of dry sparkling white wine

2 eggs

1 pot of crème fraîche

Salt and pepper

500g forest mushrooms or chestnuts to accompany

100gr butter


Eviscerate and skin your badger and soak it in a fast-flowing river for at least 48 hours.  This will help you de-grease it more easily.  Once the badger is de-greased, cut it into pieces and brown it in a frying pan with butter.  When the pieces are golden and stiff, flambée with the Armagnac, season and add a grated soup spoon of ginger.  Pour over the wine and simmer gently for at least two hours.  At the end of the cooking time, mix the chopped badger liver (cooked beforehand in a little oil), the glass of blood, two egg yolks, a coffee-spoon of ginger and the crème fraîche, and pour into the cooking dish.  Serve immediately.  This dish goes well with wild mushrooms or chestnuts.

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