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March 11 2013

Three cheesemakers have turned up our drive with an earnest need for fresh pasture -fed milk, as fresh as a daisy and so local its next door. Could we be onto something? Is this the revival of all things ‘Dairy’?

One cheesemaker with a need for 1500 litres of fresh milk per week simply had not considered that she might have her own next-door dedicated herd run by someone else, almost piping the milk straight into her cheese vat! This would open up several jobs with a reasonable living and great great ‘meaning.

Nothing is new ..…….just forgotten.

I am meeting a farmer’s daughter next week from west Dorset who wants to return to the family 90 acre farm to establish a dairy herd with her sister. I shall try and persuade her to adopt the microdairy system with perhaps two herds each occupying 40 acres (Matt Dale rents 40 acres for his 20 Ayreshires ) ………we’ll see. More next time.

The wind has swept round to the South East and threatens to blow the chickens inside-out. Interestingly….all the stray feathers are collected up by the rooks for nest building. HS2 rolling stock withstands the gale excellently with a flap and a rustle but no movement.

We are busy designing new charts to record all the data and the temperatures and the daily tasks that will happen in the dairy room. All very sensible records for the Environmental Health and common sense ways of being utterly vigilant with other people’s food.

Did you see Country File last night on BBC 1? They explored a large school in Carshalton, London where they have begun to grow food in the playground followed by teaching the kids to cook fab school dinners with the produce. The school has noticed enormous improvements in exam results since starting. What a great idea and what leadership.

Never a dull moment in farming…….Kate Rusby’s on the Bail Radio all the way from Barnsley. Have a look at Sutton Community Farm…….it’s interesting and important.

Nick Snelgar

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