Shoppers want more British food in supermarkets

No surprise in the results of this survey carried out by One Poll for the NFU (in time for their annual conference which starts today, Feb 28).

Here’s the NFU press release:

In the wake of the horsemeat scandal consumers have told the NFU that they want to see more British food on supermarket shelves and in restaurants.

More than 86 per cent of shoppers are as likely or more likely to want to buy more traceable food that has been produced on British farms and a further 78 per cent agree or strongly agree that supermarkets should sell more food from British farms.

The results of the survey. . .  come as the farming organisation holds its national conference in Birmingham. . . . with Tesco Chief Executive Phillip Clarke due to address the morning session, Farming Delivers for the Economy.

NFU President Peter Kendall said he believed that shorter and more traceable supply chains would help to alleviate the problems of recent weeks.

“Farmers have been furious about what has happened,” he said. “They have spent many years working to ensure the British supply chain is fully traceable from farm to pack and have upheld strong principles which are embodied in assurance schemes like Red Tractor. For me this is fundamental for consumer confidence.”

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