The arguments against GM livestock

This paper on why we should say no to GM livestock, was presented at the UN IAEA-FAO International Symposium on Sustainable Improvement of Animal Production and Health (June 2009, IAEA, Vienna) by Professor John Hodges*.  It concludes that:  “Scientists should call for a Global Moratorium banning the use of genetically manipulated livestock for food. Research should continue until knowledge is sufficiently advanced to preclude negative effects when consumers can indicate in a referendum if they want milk and meat from GM livestock.”

Professor John Hodges was born in Northampton. He is a geneticist who taught at Cambridge University, was Head of Production Division of the Milk Marketing Board and was Professor of Animal Genetics at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Later, with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome (FAO) he directed genetic improvement of livestock and started the UN programme for conserving endangered breeds of livestock. He also took part in drafting the Convention on Biodiversity. He has been a Visiting University Professor in Edinburgh, Melbourne and several East European countries in which he also worked for the European Union preparing for accession to the EU. He has served as an Editor of scientific journals.

He has degrees in Agriculture, Animal Production and Genetics and a degree in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

He now lives in Austria and speaks and writes internationally on Genetics and Ethics in Agriculture, Food and the Environment

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