An Invitation to attend some ecology workshops in Poland

Jadwiga and Julian (International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside) have sent the following invitation:

Dear Friends,

We would like to welcome you to join us in a very special experience right in the heart of the Polish countryside where ECOCENTRE ICPPC is located. An area rich in natural and cultural bio-diversity, with traditional and organic small scale family farms and delicious farmhouse foods. You will be housed on a small holding and in farmhouse accommodation known as ‘POTOCZEK’

‘POTOCZEK’ is situated right next to the ECOCENTRE ICPPC where you can join one of the following ecological workshops:

1. 06 – 18/08/2012 – Permaculture Design Course (PDC) – An experienced permaculture teacher and designer, founder of Glacial Lakes Permaculture,

Karl J. Schmidt teaches Permaculture Design Course in Poland. Karl was a student of e.g. Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton.

2. 14/04/2012 – Photovoltaics in theory and practice led by Chris Wietrzny co-founder of ECOCENTRE ICPPC.

3. 21/04//2012 – Traditional basket-making – workshop led by a craftsman Andrzej Zwawa.

4. 12/05/2012 – Eco-houses (Building with clay and straw).

5. 20 – 26/08/2012 -Traditional country skills.

For more details see our website:

If you are interested to join and support our activities in Poland please

contact ICPPC office: tel./fax: +48 33 8797114.

!!!You are welcome to stay longer with us in small holding POTOCZEK

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