The impact of community supported agriculture

“Community  supported  agriculture  (CSA)  is  a  radical   approach  to  the  production and  supply  of  food  that   builds  strong,  close  and  mutually  beneficial  partnerships   between  communities  and  producers.  Though  still  a   niche  element  of  the  local food sector  and  representing  a   tiny  part  of  the  food  system  as  a  whole,  CSA  offers  a   powerful  approach  to  reconnecting  people  and   agriculture.  It  is  increasingly attractive  as  an  answer  to   popular  concerns  about  sustainability,  resilience  and   transparency  in  the  food  system.  As  it  grows  more   rapidly,  albeit  from  a  small base,  CSA  has  potential  to   play  a  greater  role  in  the  provision  of  sustainable  food and  to  deliver  other  benefits,  including  the  increased   wellbeing  of  participants, skills  development,  and   provision  of  local  employment  and  volunteering opportunities.

Our  evaluation  of  the  impact  of  CSA  in  England  finds  that   at  least  80  CSA initiatives  are  providing  multiple  benefits   to  thousands  of  members,  their communities,  local   economies  and  the  environment.”

The Impact of Community Supported Agriculture. Final Report, Nov 2011

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