Herb of the Month – Thyme

recipe suggestions this month.  However, this is by no means the only combination in which I use thyme as the major flavouring – I love it with trout, particularly the Lemon Thyme variety, and as trout fishing will open on our local lake later this month, the Jamie Oliver recipe for this will be bound come in useful soon after.  Then for, or around, Easter time, I love to cook chicken in a similar way.  Want a vegetarian option?  Stephen Markwick’s Leek and Cream Tart recipe or, later in the year, a red onion tart with thyme, or a goat’s cheese soufflé with thyme all immediately spring to mind.  Thyme works well in sweet dishes too.  It can be used on its own in an ice cream or baked with fruits such as peaches or pears.

Medicinal Properties

Thyme has strong antiseptic properties so an infusion used as a gargle can help sore throats or gum infections. It also aids digestion, especially by breaking down fatty foods.  Any amount of the fresh plant will be perfectly safe, but do not be tempted to use the essential oil internally.  A few drops can however be added to bath water to ease rheumatic pain or added to a massage oil.

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