Pheasant Rissoles

In the restaurant we make rissoles from the meat from the pheasant legs and sometimes an extra whole bird. You simply pass the cooked meat through a mincer and add this to some finely chopped shallot sweated off with some finely chopped mushrooms (you can chop these in a Robot Coupe or other food processor). You can also add some of the bacon bits and vegetables from the sauce. Add some reduced pheasant stock, sauce or gravy Рjust enough to moisten the mixture, season it well and refrigerate it. We cut circles of pastry with a cutter and fill them with the mixture Рa bit like a baby pasty Рthen deep fry them and serve them with a cup of consommé and a glass of dry Madeira.

(From A Very Honest Cook by Stephen Markwick and Fiona Beckett)

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