4 thoughts on “Colin talking at the Gaia Foundation, Hampstead

  1. These videos are fantastic. Every one in our society, especially the Agri-busies farmers should see them. Think about what goes into our food, evaluate the true cost. These, then should be highlight, to demonstrate the environmental losses together with the actual prices we are paying for items we eat.

  2. Good discussions on building a critical CSA mass and getting a paradigm shift in the public’s perception of agriculture and how to eat good locally grown food. Another messenger for the campaign could be the plight of the pollinating bee… http://www.vanishingbees.com/trailer/
    Sans Peur
    Donald Sutherland
    Long Life Farm
    Hopkinton, Ma

  3. There appears to be three videos above with no indication of what any of them address.

    How many of us concerned with Gaia health watch videos because we have nothing else to do?

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