Back to the future for Grain? 

I find a 100% whole meal spelt loaf rather too heavy for my liking so cheat a little by using half white and half wholemeal flour, which you could make using Clive Mellum’s white spelt method.  You will find my own recipe below, in which I have added Rosemary and raisins to emphasise the sweet, nutty flavour of spelt, which I think makes a perfect accompaniment for cheese.  Otherwise you can use spelt as a substitute in pretty much any wheat bread recipe.  The fermentation time will be a little faster, and as with any change in flour, water absorption rates vary, but it handles essentially in the same way as wheat.  I’m afraid I haven’t yet tasted a spelt pastry, cake or biscuit that I have enjoyed – and that surely is their purpose, but I guess that were I unable to eat a wheat alternative they might become more attractive although my thoughts turn first to oats for wheat-free sweet treats.

So could Spelt provide a solution to our future grain production?

 Sharpham Park began growing it when Roger Saul’s sister was ill with cancer and as far as I can read the situation they are still primarily selling it on its health benefits.  From a culinary standpoint what makes it a real winner for me is their wide range of preparations which thankfully mean I need look no further than my home county for my staple grain.


Frumenty with Leeks and Wild Garlic

Frumenty Baked in the Oven

Nettle Ravioli

Spelt, Rosemary and Raisin Bread

Buying British Spelt:

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