Elderflower Cordial

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  1. Hi there,

    I am very new to making my own cordials and syrups etc. I found a great recipe I like with make around 2 to 3 cups. Just would using lemon or citric be best to use to preserve it, without taking to much of the taste. What is the ratio of both of them? if I do more of the mix in bulk how much longer does it preserve or it self life them? many thanks

  2. My recommendation would be to use lemon in place of citric acid (at the rate of 1 lemon for each rounded teaspoon of citric acid stipulated in your recipe). The quantity you make will not affect the preserving time, which, as detailed in my recipe above, is 4 months in the fridge without sterilisation or 1 year if you sterilise after bottling.

  3. Hi Suzanne, thank you for such an informative article, its been so helpful, can I just check, when using the oven method to sterilize instead of the
    water bath, are the bottles loosely capped while in the oven or capped afterwards?

      1. Thanks so much, I’ve never liked that citric acid aftertaste so have just made a batch of grapefruit cordial adding lemon juice instead, tastes beautiful :)

  4. some people say pour boiling water/ sugar solution onto flower heads and others say this scalds them. What do you think?

    1. Limes are absolutely fine as a replacement for lemons – they are actually more acidic but less juicy – use 4 limes in place of 3 lemons. Some recipes use a combination of citrus fruit, including oranges, but these don’t taste right to me.

  5. hi , good article thanks. ive been making myown elderflower cordials , and wondered if you can tell me what is the most elderflowers you would add to a 50/50 water sugar syrup? im assuming there is a saturation piont of the syrups abilty to extract the flavour of the elderflowers
    i usually use 2.5kg of flowers to 12 liters of syrup. have just made a batch with 5 kg of flowers to 12 liters , wondering if it will be twice the elder flavour

    1. I’m not actually certain what the saturation point for extracting flavour might be Carl, but I have noticed that commercial cordials often taste stronger than home made. If your doubling of elderflowers works I would be interested to know as the more it can be diluted the better from a sugar point of view.

  6. At the suggestion of a young Austrian friend I added a large handful of lemon balm to my elderflower heads and it has made a delicious cordial.

  7. My Elderflower cordial – tried and tested! (makes a lot)

    2 plastic supermarket bags of elderflower heads
    6litres cold water
    1.5 k of sugar – white for colour
    200g citric acid
    12 lemons 6 for rind, all for juice

    Add all ingredients to boiling water except flower heads; bring to boil and cool.

    Pick over heads, discarding leaves and stems.

    Put in clean bucket and pour over syrup.

    Leave for 24 – 48 hours. Strain roughly into bucket no 2, then strain using pillow case into sterilized bottles/jars

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