Homemade Sausages

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  1. I was under the impression sausage recipes require some liquid in them, this is not included in these recipes. How will it effect the sausage?

    1. Liquid is only needed to reconstitute dried ingredients, such as rusk. It is not necessary with fresh or semi-dry breadcrumbs. Many sausages for sale do include beer, cider or wine but the quantities are usually so small that it is difficult to detect the taste – more a marketing ploy. If I wanted to add cider, I would use it to re-hydrate dried apple and add it this way. Too much liquid (rather than fat) in the sausage can cause leakage or bursting during cooking.

    1. I haven’t used rusk myself, and of course it will be drier than fresh breadcrumbs. I would try 10% first, but fry up small balls of the mixture to test it before going on to stuff the casings. It is difficult to give a definitive recipe anyway because the fat content of the meat will always vary. Let me know how it goes! Suzanne

    1. Glad you like the article Jenny. We are having Oxford Sandy and Black pigs this year (as part of a group – one will be mine) so I am looking forward to making sausages and other cured meats later this year.

  2. Came across this whilst researching Cumberland Sausage recipes for my new mincer. Some great tips. Please put me on your mailing list.

  3. Brilliant site for my first foray into the art of sausage making. Appreciate the recipes put up here. I will get the standard British sorted out first and then progress

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