2 thoughts on “Metanutrition and the Vital Principle of Pharmacological Impoverishment

  1. Very interesting to read your aims. The campus of the former Wye College in Wye, Kent is available for rent now from its current owners Imperial College London. This would be a great site to set up your actual centre. The site is being marketed by Savills – worth a look I think.

  2. Very good to see the great work you are doing.
    Education is at the heart of the struggle for sanity.
    The challenge is to find which string to pull to get from here to there.
    Poor humans are caught in a web of institutions which are not longer fit for purpose.
    Very glad to see you do not wear a suit – for the “suits” like foolish sheep will take us all over the edge.
    If I can add any weight to your campaign I’d be pleased to do so.

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