Eight Steps Back to the Land

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  3. Sirs,
    I have stumbled upon this website and am encouraged that somebody realises that there are younger people out there that desperately want to farm, but have no easy way in.

    I am one of those.

    I currently work on a small sustainable family farm in the US. I LOVE it. I wake up each morning at 0430 and can’t wait to start work with the dairy herd. The farm has a natural grass-fed system, the cows are happy, healthy and long-lived. The food produced is of the highest quality with outstanding proven health benefits. The farm runs in wonderful symbiosis with precious little input.

    This is exactly what I want to do.

    I have to leave the US for personal reasons, and am trying to find a similar organisation in which to put my energies in the UK. I simply cannot afford to buy a farm, much as I would love to be able to do so. I work very hard and am not afraid of work, no, actually thrive on it. On a regular basis I hear statistics quoted in the media about how many farmers are leaving the profession each week, however, I see none of these commentaries offering a way to replace these lost farmers. Researchers and producers simply want good stories, not to do anything about the situations on which they report. I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of openings, despite the tales of woe for farming in the UK.

    I wonder if you have any suggestions as to how I can become part of the farming community in Britain? I am a farming wannabe.

    Very truly yours,


    1. Having grown up on a farm in the midcle of nowhere Virginia, I can say living in an urban centre has its advantages. I never appreciated that until I moved back into the midcle of nowhere…Farming’s not so bad, I guess. Its the small town life that’s a killer.Wonderful photo, BTW!

      1. My grandfather,Carl, a sisewdh immigrant, not an educated man, married my grandmother Ethel and began their life on a family farm in Kansas. Grandpa raised wheat mainly and they had a beutiful garden, grandma’s garden that fed the whole family and anyone else around that needed something to eat. Neighbors helped neighbors harvest. We grew up on milk, from cows that were not fed enriched foods. We had fresh milk, butter, eggs, grandmas garden and the constant encouragement from grandma, who passed on the little gem, god is love in her actions and her work for her family.Grandma Holm got up long before anyone else in the house, to stoke the fire in the wood burning stove to keep her family warm. Here we are a couple of generations later still searching for the good life, how I would love to have raised my family and see them raise their families on Grandpa and Grandpas farm.

  4. Thank you for this article to circulate these very important issues. As Elaine stated; ‘there are younger people out there that desperately want to farm, but have no easy way in”.
    Permaculture is fast growing in Australia and I urge everyone to take some time with a cuppa to do a quick search into it…because once you start it will change your life and give you hope.
    Connection back to the land is coming. It is the next revolution and as we extract closer to the tipping point of resource consumption and land degradation – we step closer to the reality of acting out of desperation and the need for survival. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people are acting, learning, practicing and teaching now in preparation and in good health! It is the system and especially redirection of government investment including specific legislation that needs to change its course; back to job creation and training in permaculture principles and building communities based on trade skills and land stewardship. There are worth while projects in need of legislation and monetary support which encompass more holistic approaches to food and energy sustainability – built on social and health fairness, that should be invested in rather than government spending on fuel subsidies. Our future depends on a lifestyle change on every humans part. The masses of humans around the world have raised consciousness and will no longer stand for corporate greed. Provide pathways for our generation to return the our land and we will provide nutritious, organic food for you! If you want to put your money where it counts, please contact me!

  5. Did you ever think that you can actually have fun while playing with mud.
    In addition to the zoning regulations and land use
    requirements some jurisdictions may also have Boards or Committees to enforce local aesthetic or
    historical guidelines that were put in place to convey or preserve special character and value to a whole City or specific neighborhood.
    I am working on the closed cycle gardening and will plant our vegetable garden in the area that has been alfalfa and mulch with the
    alfalfa but since we have animals I will run it though them first and use it as

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