A World View for Wild Law

2 thoughts on “A World View for Wild Law

  1. These are really some of the most enlightened articles I have read on agriculture, you’re so right that a radical agrarian consciousness is absolutely necessary right now, one of the small accomplishments is the rise of urban farming of course, but that is infinitesimal to what has to be accomplished in the large scale of things, now, though this urban farming is a step, it is purely cosmetic and a “feel good” application to a greater, much more insidious and ominous threat of the corporate giants who are raiding the land and seed collections in addition to genetic co-opting of the seed banks world wide, thus further confusing the natural order of Mother nature, economics, natural law, sciences and of course politics, what is needed in my opinion is an Agrarian led Party, The New Agrarian party world wide, uniting farmers, scientist, environmentalist and thinkers across the board in ACTION, active politics with global organizations like the United Nations and others leading the way. Without this type of momentum applied in the next years to come, sadly our soils and hence foods will only become more tainted, genetically altered etc., deforestations for more corporate farming which is catastrophically diminishing the last rain forests etc.
    We are facing a monumental task ahead and if anything, the Occupy movements world wide need to coordinate their efforts in a strong political front, rather than a dispersed, fragmented protest and why not start with the most primary thing, food security… a thing that which cannot be denied or disregarded as it affects both the rich and the poor.

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