“MEAT: a Benign Extravagance”

3 thoughts on ““MEAT: a Benign Extravagance”

  1. Ref Mr Edwards’ review of Simon Fairlie’s book – I don’t quite understand which one of them is assuming that Vegetarians blindly eat soya, palm oil and nuts, but I can assure you that I don’t know of any that do, and I have been one for over 40 years! Most vegetarians I know are naturally concerned about the source of ALL their foodstuffs, that’s the whole point of being a vegetarian after all.
    Its also ridiculous to say that vegetarians are depriving responsible animal/meat production of its ‘vote’ – this is absolutely NOT the case since I still buy cheese, milk eggs and yoghurt and buy meat (organic) for my dogs. Have a go at vegetarians by all means but do your research first please.

  2. I totally concur with Simon’s exhaustive study of meat- it is an extremely well researched, objective work. Simon outlines convincingly why people have eaten meat and continue to do so. However it doesn’t touch upon the moral aspect which is often at the crux of many vegetarians’ and vegan’s philosophy. There are plenty of objective reasons why I could eat meat but I don’t because, if I can lead a healthy and happy life without causing the death of hundreds or thousands of animals, whether naturally reared or not, then I chose to do so. Chosing not to eat meat, can of course be a political, economic, social, environmental or a moral issue, or all at once. There can be few personal gestures which can tick so many “boxes” as stopping eating meat. Simon’s book is a great work and I would recommend anyone to read it but to balance it against their own moral values.

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