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The Agrarian Renaissance needs new kinds of farms – polycultural, low-input, skills intensive; and these new farms need appropriate markets – generally local, and geared to the small-scale; and overall we need a true food culture – people who truly appreciate what good food is, and are prepared to seek it out.

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World Bank Agriculture for Action Plan: seriously flawed

This new report by Eric Holt-Giménez, Justine Williams and Caitlyn Hachmyer of Food First “question(s) whether the Bank’s strategy will actually improve rural livelihoods, reduce rural poverty, end rural hunger and … Read on

The price of UK agricultural land

This piece by Peter Hetherington was published on Wednesday (Sept 2) in the Guardian.  He outlines how it is that farmland in Britain has “become the safest investment for those … Read on

GM safe? There’s no consensus according to new research from Tufts University

Sheldon Krimsky looks at the last seven years of peer-reviewed evidence, and finds 26 studies that “reported adverse effects or uncertainties of GMOs fed to animals.” His study is published … Read on

Research published in Nature finds links between neonics and honey bee colony loss

– but there are economic benefits for farmers using neonics. . . Evidence for pollinator cost and farming benefits of neonicotinoid seed coatings on oilseed rape G. E. Budge D. Garthwaite … Read on

Realising the Right to Food in an Age of Climate Change

More support for small farms, this in a report by Chelsea Smith, David Elliott and Susan H. Bragdon from the Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva (May 2015). Summary as follows: … Read on

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