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The Agrarian Renaissance needs new kinds of farms – polycultural, low-input, skills intensive; and these new farms need appropriate markets – generally local, and geared to the small-scale; and overall we need a true food culture – people who truly appreciate what good food is, and are prepared to seek it out.

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Oxfam New Briefing Paper: Working for the Few

This is taken from the summary — published January 19 2015, in time for Davos. The full report can be found here In November 2013, the World Economic Forum released … Read on

Organic vs Conventional Agric Yields: New research in Royal Soc Proceedings B

Abstract Agriculture today places great strains on biodiversity, soils, water and the atmosphere, and these strains will be exacerbated if current trends in population growth, meat and energy consumption, and … Read on

Feeding the Future: new report from the Land Workers’ Alliance

This new report, Feeding the Future , from the Land Workers’ Alliance declares “Small and Medium Scale Agroecological Farmers can address the Agricultural Challenges of the Twenty-First Century …but we need … Read on

Farm Power – new report from Forum for the Future

The report can be found here Farm Power: Exploring the Size of the Prize The Vision: By 2020, UK farms and rural communities will be making a significant contribution to a … Read on

NEW report from the US Environmental Protection Agency says neonics no good!

Benefits of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments to Soybean Production This from the EPA website (October 15 2014): ” EPA analyzed the use of the neonicotinoid seed treatments for insect control in … Read on

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